Kitsie Torres


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Ask yourself, do you really need another pair of flip-flops?
Here’s a bucket-full of flip-flops (and other rubber materials) weighing 50kg, picked up by El Nido Resorts staff and guests at Nat-Nat beach during World Responsible Tourism Day 2013 at El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. 
A challenging 1hr hike through a limestone forest rewards you with marvelous view of El Nido Town. / Palawan, Philippines
Species unknown / West Beach / Apulit Island Resort 
The Crazy Street of Hang Ma / Hanoi, Vietnam
Dong Xuan / Hanoi, Vietnam
Street Artiste / Melbourne, Australia
Hiker / Overland Track / Tasmania, Australia
Moon-nest / Pangulasian Island / El Nido, Philippines
Balancing Act / Kompong Pluk / Cambodia 
Party of One / Kompong Pluk / Cambodia
Key Summit Nap / Routeburn Track, New Zealand
Kayaker / Outlet Track / Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Turistas / Lake Tekapo / New Zealand
Sunset at Pangulasian Island / El Nido, Palawan / Philippines
Light & Dark / Near Harris Saddle, Routeburn Track / New Zealand